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Boys, It's been a fun ride. OTWS started as a small website dedicated to defacing the name of Bear Bryant back in 1996. It later evolved into the only unbiased recruiting website in the state taking on the name OTWS (Off The Wall Sports). Our website held to its mantra of unbiased recruiting and sports reporting throughout the years, along with a few comic, oped and general articles of interest along the way. During OTWS' stronghold on the market we've enjoyed such feature articles as "The Red Report", "J.J.'s JUCO Report" and the annual "Recruiting Rankings". In addition, our members have enjoyed good spirited collaboration on our award winning message board, "The Sidelines". Many breaking stories have come to you, the reader, via OTWS. Including UAT's suspension of Chris Samuels before the Orange Bowl, reports of free cars to UAT players which lead to NCAA penalties, Jetgate, the list goes on. Additionally, we all enjoyed the w(h)itty stories of future pulitzer prize winner J.J. Some of his work can be viewed in the archives. Headlines such as: "Tim Tebow Screws Bama", "UAT Fans Plan to Eat Plenty of Crow for Thanksgiving", "Former UAT HIV Invested Player Arrested", "Montgomery Black Caucus Demands Black Kicker", "Former UAT QB Gets Life in Prison", "UAT Once Again Embarrasses State" and "Glory Days at Auburn Continue". The list goes on and on. The Sidelines have also offered great entertainment from lovable posters such as: Scudder, AC Rasheed, SM, Big AL, Royal Rooster, AUHater, and who could forget: Duke. With all this said, I am sad to report that all good things must come to an end. The site has been dying a slow death over the past 2 years, and unless I renew my domain name subscription the website will officially shut down in the next few weeks. Therefore, I will give you scudder. I offer him as my sacrifice. He is one of our longest posters. His first post was recorded in March of 1997 and he has continued throughout the years. I actually didn't know his true identity until November of 2006, and I have kept my word to keep him anonymous. However, I have been released from that commitment since the site is going down. The true identity of scudder is: Keith Bodiford. Bod as he is known, is actually a bammer. Despite what many think about scudder, he is not gay. He somehow managed to keep his identity concealed for over 10 years while creating great controversy on the Sidelines. Scudder, OTWS salutes you.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Auburn / Kansas State

Auburn opened the season with a thriller Saturday night in which fans enjoyed a nail biter of a game against Kansas St. Auburn’s offense sputtered for the first 55 minutes of the contest, but came to life on the last drive, scoring easily. A couple of plays later and it was the defense’s turn to shine. Quentin Groves ran through KSU QB Josh Freeman causing a fumble which was returned 34 yards for a touchdown by Antonio Coleman. Quentin Groves' hit on Freeman was so hard that the Auburn police arrested him after the game for assault and battery. The charges were later dropped by Freeman.

James Swinton came up with a big catch Saturday night on Auburn’s last drive which set the Tigers up for it’s only offensive touchdown. After the game Swinton stopped by the tailgate for a photo op with the 4 horsemen (see above).

Other notes: The quote of the day came when trying to determine how many wings to order for the tailgate. Little Red stated, “I’m telling everyone up front, if you only order 50 wings, I’m going to eat as fast as I can until I get my fill.”

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Osc Loves the Four Horsemen

Oscar Gonzalez, a star in the classroom, looks to become a star on the field. "I've always believed in getting the books in order before extracurricular activities", said Gonzalez. "I feel like I've got my priorities in order." Oscar Gonzalez is majoring in Spanish at Auburn. Anytime you can do well in a foreign language study, you've got to be impressed. The 6'7" offensive lineman, from Hialeah, FL, is in his sophomore year and plans to fight for playing time. He agreed to a photo op with the Horsemen in which Diamond Pat was inadvertantly cut out of the picture. The picture is still worth posting, however, because Super and Red horseman are throwing face.

Blackmon Shows Some Love to the Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen rolled into a closed practice session last Saturday and had a rare photo op with none other than Tray Blackmon. Blackmon, who warned UAT fans last year to fear the thumb, returns for his sophomore season. He had 18 tackles last season, 2 1/2 for a loss, despite a limited role in only 6 games. Blackmon was also part of the reason Auburn throttled Florida last year by 10. His pressure and forced fumble inside the Auburn ten kept Florida from attempting a bad angled kick with a crappy placekicker. If you will remember, that was Florida's only loss of the season.